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Hayes Manufacturing is a leading provider of metal components for railroad equipment manufacturers with M1002 and M1003 Certifications from the Association of American Railroads. We have built a reputation in the industry by partnering with our clients to provide strategic outsourcing services and contribute to client performance. Due to our extensive rail industry experience on specialized heavy weld fabrications, we can produce high-quality components efficiently and cost-effectively. Our staff is committed to manufacturing a high quality product that will meet or exceed expectations, is delivered on schedule and ready for production. We understand the unique demands of the railroad industry and will partner with you to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and your end product meets your expectations on assembly.. 

Association of American Railroads Certification (pdf)

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Hayes currently manufactures products for the rail industry such as:

  • Top fittings plates
  • Fittings nozzles
  • Manway nozzles
  • Nozzle repads
  • Bottom Reinforcement pads
  • Head brace pads
  • Head shoes
  • Jacket spacers
  • Heater coils
  • Rollover protection housings
  • Un-coupler rods
  • Bolsters
  • Bolster saddles
  • Yoke plates
  • Brake levers
  • Bottom Outlet Saddles
  • Plugs, chains, and Caps
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